About This Project

During PortCon Maine 2021 I held a panel instructing newcomers on how to navigate the Vocaloid 5 software. Vocaloid is a virtual singing synthesis tool that allows to you produce artificial vocals for music tracks. The results can either sound more human or robotic depending on your familiarity with the program.


For this panel, I created a pre-recorded video tutorial explaining what you needed to get started, the basic functions, some pro-tips on tuning, and how to go about publishing your work. This portion has been uploaded to YouTube. The script, infographics, voiceover, screen-recordings, and several graphics were produced by me. The video editing was done by a peer. The rest of the panel consisted of a live Q&A for any additional questions others had about using the software.


Shown above are some promotional graphics I created for the event. Below is the pre-recorded instructional video portion.


Animation, Design, Event, Script, Video, Voiceover